Migrate to Australia

About Australia

Australia is one of the strongest economies in the world, and a culturally diverse nation with a highly skilled work-force. A land like no other , Australia is the sixth largest country in terms of land area. Australia is the only country in the world itself as a continent. As per the latest United Nations data, the current population of Australia is 26,147, 872 among which 30% of the population are from overseas.
Canberra is the Capital of Australia. Major cities in Australia are :

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  • Canberra, Australia Capital Territory ( ACT )
  • Sydney, New South Wales
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Hobart, Tasmania

Why Choose Australia for Permanent Residency?

Australia is a good place to migrate overseas with family, also there are so many  reasons to migrate to Australia like,

  • Stable Economy
  • Availability of jobs
  • Citizen-first policies
  • Free healthcare for the family
  • Free education for children
  • Good Climatic Conditions
  • Standard of living.
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How to settle in Australia ?

Australia is one of the two countries providing Permanent Residency.
If you are able to acquire a permanent residency visa for Australia, then you can settle in Australia permanently.
The major visas include Skilled work visa under General skilled migration.
As an Australia PR one can work and study anywhere in the country by staying in Australia indefinitely.
As a permanent resident visa holder you can enroll in Medicare, the national health scheme of Australia.
As a permanent resident visa holder for Australia can sponsor their eligible relatives for permanent residence.
An Australian permanent resident can work in New Zealand without the need to get a work visa.
Permanent resident visa holders are allowed to travel to and from Australia as many times as required.
The Australia Immigration department has streamlined the application process to reduce the process time.
As an expert immigration consultant VR-Global has got the knowledge and experience to help you file a n application with the highest chances of success.

How to Apply for Australia PR.

Australia welcomes many migrants worldwide as it has a wide range of job openings in fields like  IT, Engineering, Banking, Accounts and Finance.
Australia PR process is a simple and easy process as it is a point based system and is calculated based on the following parameters.
  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • English Language Proficiency ( IELTS/PTE/TOEFL)
  • Adaptability ( Spouse skill assessment, Australia Education or work experience )
Note:- Get your profile evaluated, to check your eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Permanent Residency.

To apply for Australia Immigration, one should get a minimum score of 65 points. However, if the score is between 80 to 90, there are higher chances to get an Australia PR visa.
The score is calculated based on the following parameters like,
  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Adaptability


  • A minimum score of 65 points
  • Age should be below 45 years
  • English Language Proficiency : IELTS/PTE with minimum score of 6.0 is required in all the modules
  • Skill Assessment : Positive Skill Assessment
  • Occupation should be listed in Australian skilled Occupation lists, MLTSSL, STSOL & ROL

Australia Points grid:

Age                          Points
21 – 24 years            15
25 – 32 years            30
33 – 39 years            25
40 – 44 years            15
  • Above 45 years will not qualify.


Education:                                                                   Points
Bachelors/Masters from a recognized university     –  15
PDH in research                                                           –  20

Work Experience

Work Experience:                                 Points
0 to 2 years                                                0
3 to 4 years                                                5
5 to 8 years                                              10
8+ years                                                   15

English Language Proficiency

IELTS/PTE                   Listening Reading Writing Speaking   Points
                                              6         6          6            6                 0
                                               7         7         7            7               10
                                               8         8         8            8                20

Adaptability Points

Adaptability points :
Spouse skill assessment                     10 points
Spouse English Language                     5 points ( Need to score 6.0 in all modules )

Note :

  • The points table provided here is only for the information purpose. Detailed clarifications about the points and occupation will be provided based on the assessment report.


To qualify for Australian General skilled migration visa one should get at least 65 points based on the above parameters.

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