Migrate to Canada

Why choose Canada ?

Canada has a great job market and plenty of opportunities. If you move as a skilled migrant you and your family will benefit from Canada’s high quality of living.
Canada admits over 400,000 newcomers every year with about 250,000reserved for economic immigrants.
Canada is the second largest country in the world. It’s nearly ten million square kilometers but their population is only 38 million. Canada boasts a spacious countryside and scenic coastal towns with plenty of room for the newcomers.
Canada has a very stable political system and greatly values democracy. Canada consistently does well on global surveys on safety, progress and quality of life. Ranked 2nd  overall and 8th safest county in the world according to the Global peace index.
The Canadian government values immigration for its ability to boost the economy and create jobs.

Express Entry

Express Entry is a system used by the Canadian government to manage Canadian permanent residence applications for filling labor gaps through certain economic immigration programs.

  • Express Entry provides a pathway to permanent residence for skilled workers in Canada or overseas.
  • For potential skilled foreign workers, Express Entry will result in fast processing times of 6 months or less.
  • Express Entry manages applications for permanent residence under the federal economic immigration programs.

Express Entry provides a faster way for skilled workers to settle in Canada permanently.

Benefits of migrating to Canada

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  • Good job opportunities can earn in dollars
  • Better standard of living
  • Enhanced life style
  • Better healthcare and education for family
  • Social security benefits
  • Can get citizenship after 3 years of stay.

Eligibility Requirements for Canada PR

Generally, the eligibility criteria to migrate to Canada are as follows

  • Valid Passport
  • Basic eligibility ( Age, Education, Work Experience )
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Health requirements ( Needs to be verified through medical examination by a panel doctor )
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • Proof of Funds.

Steps to apply for Canada PR

  • Check your eligibility
  • Meet the required points criteria
  • Arrange the documents as per the checklist
  • Create your express entry profile
  • Receive ITA
  • Submit completed application ( Medical, PCC, funds & other supporting documents as per the requirements )

Canada Points grid:

Points are calculated based on the below parameters:
Age :           Points Earned
 21 – 35                12
36                         11
37                         10
38                          9
39                          8
40                          7…..so on


Education       Points Earned
Bachelor’s            21
Dual bachelors     22
Masters                23
Doctorate             25

Work Experience

Work Experience:
 1+ years                    9 points
2 to 3 years                11 points
4 to 5 years                13 points
6+ years                     15 points

English Language Proficiency

CLB 7.0             L-6, R-6, S-6, W-6  –                16 points
CLB 8.0              L-7.5, R- 6.5, S-6.5, W-6.5  –  20 Points
CLB 9.0               L-8.0, R-7.0, S-7.0, W-7.0  –  24 points

Note :
  • CLB – Canadian Language Benchmark
  • Less than 6 in any module  will not qualify.
  • The points table provided here is only for the information purpose. Detailed clarifications about the points and occupation will be provided based on the assessment report.

Canada Express Entry

The application process for skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently
Express Entry is an online system that we use to manage immigration applications from skilled workers.
There are 3 immigration programs managed through Express Entry:
Federal Skilled Worker program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience who want to immigrate to Canada permanently.

How this program works

This program has minimum requirements for:

  • skilled work experience
  • language ability
  • education

You must meet all the minimum requirements to be eligible. If you meet all the minimum requirements, we will evaluate your profile by our expert consultants based on:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Whether you have a valid job offer
  • English and/or French language skills
  • Adaptability (how well you’re likely to settle here)

These factors are part of a 100-point grid used to assess eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. You earn points for how well you do in each of the 6 factors.

Minimum qualifying points required 67 points.

Minimum Requirements

Skilled work experience

Skilled work experience means that you’ve worked in 1 of these National Occupational Classification groups

  • Managerial jobs (skill type 0)
  • Professional jobs (skill level A)
  • Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B)

Your skilled work experience must be

  • In the same type of job (have the same NOC) as the job you want to use for your immigration application (called your primary occupation)
  • At least 1 year of continuous work with 1 employer
Language ability

You must:

  • English Language Proficiency Test
    • writing
    • reading
    • listening
    • speaking
  • get a minimum score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in all 4 abilities

If you have foreign education, you must have:

  • a completed credential, and
  • an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for immigration purposes from a designated organization showing that your education is equal to Canadian standard equalency.

Provincial Nominee Program

  • After Express Entry profile creation you can apply for the provinces and territories you’re interested in.
  • If a province or territory sends a “notification of interest” to your account, then you need to submit your application to get the nomination.
  • If you’re nominated, the province or territory will send a nomination certificate to your account, and you accept it electronically.

Choose a province or territory

To be nominated by a province or territory, you must follow the instructions as per the province requirements

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon
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The criteria by province and territory vary and can change without notice.

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