Visa Assistance


Visa Assistance

A visa is a legal document that enables the visitor to enter into a foreign country legally. There are different types of visas which allow clients to Tour, live, work and study in the desired country.

Types of visas :

Permanent Resident Visa

A PR is allows the client to stay permanently and apply for citizenship after a specific period of stay.

Visit Visa

Visit visas are the non-immigrant temporary visas that are given to an individual to travel, meet family and business.

Study Visa

The study visas are granted to the students who are enrolled in recognized educational institutions in a foreign country. Students who wish to pursue their higher education from a different country must apply for a student visa in order to study.

Steps to be followed to get a visa:
  • Select the country and visa type
  • Prepare your application
  • Submit your application to the embassy or the nearest VFS as per the country
  • Get a decision.
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